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Hello blog! ♥ had a good day so far? I have ^^ I´ve woke up and whrote a post on the blog, took some breakfast (okay, sweets then XD)and after that I tooked the bus to my taekwondo. It went very good today I think, and obviously my trainer also thought. Because today I received the stuffed animal! :') You know, after every training my trainer choose one in the group who deserve the stuffed animal the most, and today i did! ^^ It was a panda, and it was so cute! ♥ When I camed home I tooked a long shower and here we are! ;) My bigsister help me cook some lunch, I think it is macaronies and sausage. Yummie!
I also wanna say congratulation to my grandpa Lennart (mums side), because tomorrow he turns 70! Just want to say that I love him and that he always is so nice and caring! I really yearn to his "party" tonight ♥
Perhaps this is´nt the best pic of him but who cares? ♥

I promesed my grandma (mums side) to do a picture of him, with som colour in the back and a text above him, Lennart 70 years. 
I´ve done that but the result was´nt exactly how I´ve thought it would be so... We can see if I change my mind later ;) And ofc, I will take my iPhone to the "party" ;) And later I will give you some pics :)

I will meet alot of good peoples on the "party"! One of them is my grandma (on mums side again...). I´ve meet her ALOT! Almost every day, but it is fun to meet her in any case! 
My grandma is years old and she lives with my grandpa in Skogås. She is a very good person but sometimes she is a little bit over-protective, but I think that almost every grandma is :) She likes to sew, but she does´nt do it all the time, but if our clothes gets broken she almost always can fix it so that is good! Perhaps she can help me before we goin to Falun! Yeey :)
Every morning (I think...) she curls her hair, I really don´t understand how she can do that! I would be so tired! + that she get up at six o'clock in the morning, even on saturdays! I get tired just to think about it...
But like I said, she is a good grandma and I love her very much! ♥
My grandma got two childs. My mum and my aunt. My mums name is Cathrine and my aunts name is Anette!
I will meet Anette tonight also. And my mom ofc but I think you already knew that ;) 
Anette is 35 years old and she lives in a apartment in Årsta. She is really nice and she like to give me hugs ;) But I like to hug her back so I don´t care ^^ Anette is a architect, but on the summer she works on the sea rescue, I think it´s a cool job! But I think it would be a little bit to scary ;s
Should I maybie tell you about my mum to? Okey then... My mum i 32 years old so she is 3 years younger than Anette. I love her thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much and more! She´s so sweet all the time! ^^  
She have got 3 childs. Me (eleven years old), my bigsister Jennifer (fourteen years old) and my babybrother William. (three years old)
She works Ica Maxi, I don´t think she like to work there, she just want to come home to the family instead ^^
The second pic is taken this summer, in Gran Canaria. ♥

unfortunately my grandpa and grandma on dad´s side don´t come. They don´t know grandpa and grandma on mums side so good ;) But I think we can talk a little bit about them to, so the don´t get sad ;) But I don´t think we have any pics of them but I think you can live either way ;)

My grandpa is 65 years old. He wears glasses and he likes to take cofee breaks ;) He´s very kind and he has learn me alot of things. When he was younger he worked as a portderector. On vikin line there is a pic of him hanging on the door, and he looks crazy on that ^^
My grandpa is married to my grandma on dads side. She is 64 years old and when she was younger she was a childminder. But then she started to get pain in her back so she could´nt work :( 
She also has three childs. My dad and my second aunt.  My second aunts name is Mia, she is 36. Mia has two child of her own with my "uncle" (or we call him that"). My "uncles" name is also Jonas. (My dad also wear that name...). Their child, or my cousins names is Lovisa and Zacharias (Zacke). They are 9 and 7 years old :)
And I haved talked about my mum so know it feels like I have to talk about my dad :D
My dad´s name is Jonas, and he is 41 years old. He has 2 own companys and at the same time he works on Osram. So he works alot ;) Yeah... I think thats all about him... He´s kind (sometimes no, ofc I just kidding ;)) and I love him! ♥

*puuh...* Have you learned a littlebit about my family now? I really hope so ;P 

Know I will go (we are neighboards) to my best friend Cornelia and do something fun. Have to rest a little bit, I am so tired!
Just wanna say that she are a wonderful friend! I love her! Sometimes we fight :( But I always know that we will best friends again! It is a big plus that we are neighboards because then we can do almost everything together! :D 
We live in almost exactly identical house, the only different is that they are mirrored. But it´s not a big different! :D We also live very, very close to Vegabaren! It is a place you can by hamburgers, ice cram and all that kind of stuff so that is also very good ;) Mihihi!

Gotta go know... :( Love U Guys! XOXO Eveline ♥

Postat av: LIENE

sv: Jag mår bra jag, du då?

2011-10-01 @ 16:37:35
Postat av: Raisa

- Yes det gör jag, men man måste ha minst 200 unika om dagen :/ <3

2011-10-02 @ 11:01:10
Postat av: Kulan

Tycker du tjejer har svårt att förstå sig på killar?

2011-10-02 @ 12:39:04
Postat av: Sehra

Fin désigne du har, har du gjort den på photoshop?

2011-10-02 @ 14:44:28

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